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couples therapy

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a particular type of psychotherapy that aims to help couples to identify, resolve and manage their conflicts by increasing the levels of constructive dialogue and well-being.

Couples may feel the need to start a couple’s journey for different reasons:

  • difficulty in dialogue
  • inability to separate and end the relationship
  • difficulty in aligning in the management of children
  • parents sought or missed
  • crisis of the couple also related to betrayals by the partner
  • difficulty in managing changes of any kind
  • difficulties at an intimate and sexual level (regardless of sexual orientation)
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What are the goals?

The goals of couples therapy can be different for different couples and these will be identified and shared during the initial interviews.

General goals can be identified in couples therapy such as:

  • Improve conflict management skills and modify dysfunctional behaviors
  • To increase the degree of awareness of emotions and behaviors of oneself and one’s partner
  • Improve levels of intimacy
  • Live sexuality in a more playful way
  • Promote emotional regulation: often within the couple experiencing difficulties may be present tendencies to express themselves in an exaggeratedly aggressive manner or, conversely, repressing their emotions.
    The therapist can help in promoting the ability to put oneself in the shoes of the other, then in guiding to express in a more functional way one’s own experiences with respect to the other.
  • Improving cooperation and sharing, so the well-being: often couples interact in a conflictual and competitive way significantly reducing cooperation. Psychotherapy can bring out new ways of experimenting and cooperating as a couple, strengthening the relationship.
  • Look at your relationship in all its facets and from different points of view
  • Discover, define and redefine the value system of the couple
  • Promote acceptance of personal limits and enhance each other’s potential
  • To support the couple along the path of separation, in case the awareness emerges that the well-being of both cannot be achieved by being in a relationship. In this specific case, therapy provides tools for the elaboration of grief and concrete aspects for the application of this choice, such as communication to the children of the separation.

Other times, however, it may happen that therapy brings to light and awareness that in fact the relationship is not what you really want and that you want to separate.

How does couples therapy work?

If it is considered appropriate to undertake a course of couple’s therapy will proceed to share within the therapy how it will proceed.

Tendentially, at the beginning, the couple sessions are closer in time until diluting to a monthly frequency.

The couple sessions with both partners have a duration of 70 minutes

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