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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a type of meditation (derived from Buddhism) that is particularly useful for learning to live in the present moment and with greater fullness in our lives. It can be translated as “full awareness”, “mindful attention”, “mindful mind”.

“Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges from purposely paying attention, in the present moment and in a nonjudgmental way, to the flow of experience, moment by moment” (Kabat-zinn, 2003).

Mindfulness practice is a way to increase awareness by increasing the ability to stay in touch with ourselves, the present moment, and our surroundings. This practice teaches us to perceive our limitations, seeing them as a possibility and not a limitation. Cultivating this non-judgmental observation allows us to be more welcoming and patient in the face of adversity and pain.

This approach is one of the most important innovations in science today, born as an intelligent combination of Buddhist tradition and psychology.
This possibility of simply being with what is happening, outside and inside us, in the present moment, has great transformative and therapeutic power.


What are the goals?

The goals of mindfulness are many and can be summarized in these points:

  • To reduce stress
  • To live in the present
  • To become more aware of your mind-body system
  • To manage chronic pain on a physical and psychological level
  • To manage anxiety
  • To Increase awareness in the way you eat
  • To prevent relapse of substance abuse and gambling addictions
  • To prevent depressive relapse
  • To manage emotions in a functional way
  • To prepare for birth and childbirth

How does mindfulness work?

Through this valuable meditative practice, it is possible to reduce constant thoughts toward the past and constant worries about the future. Training our ability to bring attention to the here and now is a way to lower anxiety and stress levels, improving quality of life.  Learning to live in the present is a radical way of taking care of ourselves that involves every aspect of our lives.

The practice of Mindfulness can be extremely useful for both physical and psychological problems, with extraordinary results with respect to improving the quality of life and managing psycho-physical suffering.

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